University of Pennsylvania, PhD, Philosophy (2015-present)
University of Pennsylvania, Post-Bacc. Program in Classical Studies (2015)
University of Oxford, Blackfriars Hall, Visiting Student in Classical Philosophy (2013)
Villanova University, Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, Philosophy, Humanities (2014)
Honors Thesis: “Reflections on Metaphysics and the World: A Study of Plotinus’ Enneads

Awards & Honors
George W. M. Bacon Fellow (2016-2017)
Collegium Institute Graduate Fellow (2015-present)
Benjamin Franklin Fellowship (2015-2020)
Robert Russell, O.S.A. Medallion for Academic Excellence in Philosophy (Villanova, 2014)
Karol Wojtyla Medallion for Academic Excellence in Humanities (Villanova, 2014)
Political Studies Summer Fellow (Hudson Institute, 2014)
Phi Beta Kappa Society (Villanova, 2013)
Villanova Summer Research Grant, “Re-discovering Ancient Conceptions of Causality” (2013)

History of Modern Philosophy (Spring 2018)
The Social Contract (Fall 2017)
Logic & Formal Reasoning (Spring 2017)
History of Ancient Philosophy (funded by SAIL grant) (Fall 2016)
Plato and his Predecessors (Online, Summer 2016)
Aristotle and his Successors (Online, Summer 2016)

“The Normative Hippocratic Doctor: Moral Motivation in Ancient Medical Ethics,” 35th annual meeting of The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Fordham University
Quo Warranto? Real Definition and the Euthyphro Argument,” 34th annual meeting of The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy, Fordham University

Graduate Coursework:
History of Philosophy:
Stoic Ethics & Psychology
Plato on Pleasure
Aristotle’s Psychology
Hippocrates & Greek Intellectual Culture of the Classical Period
Topics in Greek Literature: Plutarch on Poetry
Duty and Natural Law in Early Modern Philosophy (Ind. Study)
Ancient Skepticism (audit)

Contemporary Philosophy:
Survey of Ethical Theory: Metaethics (audit)
Rationality, Morality, and Law: The Nature of Expertise
Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Language: Reference and Context-Sensitivity
Philosophy of Biology: Evolutionary Theory and its Philosophical Foundations
Formal Logic I
Formal Logic II: Modern Mathematical Logic
Proseminar in Philosophy

Editing for Plato: Laws 1 and 2, Susan Sauvé Meyer (tr. and comm.), Oxford University Press, 2015 
Co-organizer, Fourth Annual Penn Ancient Workshop: Lucretius’ De rerum natura
Facilitator, Philadelphia Futures After-School Philosophy Club
Co-organizer, Ancient Greek Reading Group
Co-organizer, Koine Greek Weekly Workshop
Co-organizer, Philosophical Latin Reading Group