My dissertation aims to provide a systematic account of Stoic practical reasoning, with a particular focus on Stoic axiology and the doctrine of ‘appropriate action’ (kathēkon/officium). 

Here are some of the other projects I am working on:

1. I am collaborating with Scott Weinstein and Brian Reese on a paper that explores Zeno’s so-called Paradox of Measure. We provide a novel exposition of the modern mathematical resolution of the paradox, and consider the extent to which this answer is accessible to the ancient mathematical understanding of the nature of the linear continuum.

2. I am in the early stages of a paper which provides a Rossian defense of the so-called ‘duty to adopt’ against objections raised in the applied ethics literature. 

3. I am working on a manuscript that details the historical transmission of the Stoic notion of the kathēkon into Latin as officium, and later as devoir in French, Pflicht in German, and duty in English. My aim is to provide a history of the notion which begins with the early Hellenistic Stoa, moves through Ciceronian Stoicism to modern philosophy (via Pufendorf, among others), through to the Scottish Enlightenment.