Dialogical Strategies for Ethics and Civics Pedagogy
National Council for Social Studies Webinar Series; with Alex Richardson (Date TBA)

Dialogical Practice for the Public Sector
Panel organized with Delaney Thull and Alex Richardson for the 6th Public Philosophy Network Conference: “Engagement, Policy, and Practice” (Oct. 2021)

The Importance of Ethics
Invited speaker for The Annual High School Philosophy Conference @ NYU (Sept. 2021)

Hopeless Fools
A short talk on Stoic ethics for the annual “Philosophy in 15 Minutes” event at UNC-Chapel Hill (Sept. 2021)

Community-Engaged Pedagogy & Intergenerational Encounter
Symposium presentation for the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Annual Meeting: “Creating Connections and Expanding Possibilities” (Sept. 2021)

Discursive Practices in the Classroom
Invited panelist on “Facilitating and Evaluating Public Discourse” at the Inaugural UNC Faculty Symposium on Deliberative Pedagogy (May 2021)

Putting Ethics Bowl to Work: Dialogical Pedagogy for Professional Ethics Education
30th Annual Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Conference; with Alex Richardson (Feb. 2021)

Ethics Bowl in the Classroom: Perspectives on Dialogical Pedagogy for Ethics and Civics Education
2021 Eastern American Philosophical Association Teaching Hub session organized with Nicolas Tanchuk and Alex Richardson (Jan. 2021)

Service-Learning, Moral Philosophy, and Civic Engagement
Panel on “Models of Philosophical Engagement with K-12 Students” organized with Allauren Forbes and Dustin Webster for the Philosophy of Education Society Annual Meeting (Mar. 2020)

Zeno Peripateticus? Cicero’s Rhetorical Philosophy in De Officiis
Paper delivered at the Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy during the Society for Classical Studies Annual Conference (Jan. 2020)

Cicero on the Origins of Moral Duty
Panel on “Cicero as Translator, Cicero as Interpreter” organized with Andree Hahmann for the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy Annual Meeting at Christopher Newport University (Nov. 2019)

Cum officio selectio: A Proposal for Stoic Practical Reasoning
Paper delivered to the Hellenistic Philosophy Society at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting (Apr. 2019)

What do Ancient Philosophers know about Morality?
Talk to the Penn Philosophy Society for the Philosophy Table series (Mar. 2019)

A Black Box in Stoic Ethical Theory
Paper given to the Princeton University Classical Philosophy WIP Workshop (Dec. 2018)

Is there a Moral Duty to Adopt?
University of Pennsylvania Graduate Colloquium Series (Apr. 2018)

The Normative Hippocratic Doctor: Moral Motivation in Ancient Medical Ethics
35th annual meeting of The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at Fordham University (Oct. 2017)

Real Definition and the Euthyphro Argument
34th annual meeting of The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy at Fordham University (Oct. 2016)